Overcoming Packaging Design Challenges for FMCG Startups


Meet Sam, a food enthusiast, the brains behind an exciting FMCG food startup, and a man on a mission to change the game. Sam's journey resonates with numerous foodpreneurs looking to bring innovative fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) to the market. However, even with a unique product portfolio and an insatiable passion, Sam encountered an unexpected challenge: packaging design.

You might wonder, why all the fuss about packaging design? If you're part of the FMCG food startup world like Sam, you understand that a captivating journey from production to consumption is as vital as the product itself.

Feasting on the Packaging Design Challenge

Design Lingo

Deciphering design terminology can feel like understanding a foreign cuisine. The nuances and technicalities of design language can leave a bitter taste without the right guidance.

Budget Constraints

FMCG food startups often operate on tight budgets, so it's crucial to find a design service that can dish up first-class designs without consuming the entire financial allowance.

Speed is Key

In the fast-paced world of FMCG, time delays in design can lead to stale product launches and missed shelf space opportunities.

Brand Flavour

Capturing the unique "taste" of your brand in the packaging design is crucial. It's a delicate balancing act that requires a keen palate and understanding of your brand's essence.

Starting to feel the heat? Don't sweat; I've cooked up a solution just for you!

Introducing Y NOT TONY Design Studio: Your Secret Ingredient for FMCG Packaging Design Success

At Y NOT TONY Design Studio, I comprehend the unique recipe of challenges that FMCG food startups like Sam's face. I'm here to serve up a hassle-free, flavourful, and effective packaging design experience.

Keeping it Simple and Savoury

I believe in simplicity. As a design expert, I'm skilled at transforming your vision into mouth-watering designs without the bitter taste of confusing jargon.

Cost-Effective Quality

Great taste doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. My services are priced from a palatable £200 - £1000, ensuring you get maximum flavour for your budget.

Fast and Fresh

I understand the need for speed in the FMCG sector. My services are designed for swift delivery, ensuring your products hit the market running, without compromising on quality.

Brand-Centric Designs

My designs don't just look good—they echo your brand's story. I ensure your packaging is as unique and tantalising as the FMCG products you offer.

Adaptable Solutions

As your startup expands, so do your needs. I offer adaptable solutions that can keep pace with your growing business.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In today's market, eco-consciousness is as important as taste. My designs prioritise sustainable packaging solutions, pleasing your customers while caring for our planet.


At Y NOT TONY Design Studio I aim to make your packaging design journey as enticing as the FMCG products you create. So, if you're in the same boat as Sam, take heart. Reach out to me today, and together, let's create designs that fly off the shelves.

After all, in the FMCG food startup scene, the journey to the consumer's cart is as important as the taste—and I'm here to make it a memorable one. Let me bring your vision to life—one delectable design at a time.

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