The packaging design landscape for cosmetics, personal care, health, beauty, food, and beverages is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest trends can give your business a competitive edge. In 2024, several key trends are shaping the way brands in these industries connect with their audiences.

Top Trends for 2024

1. Digital Integration in Packaging

Integration with Technology: Brands are increasingly leveraging AI and AR to create interactive and immersive packaging experiences. Example: A cosmetic brand using AR to allow customers to try on makeup virtually before purchase.

2. Sustainability in Packaging

Eco-Friendly Practices: Consumers are prioritising brands that are committed to sustainability. Example: A personal care brand using biodegradable packaging materials to reduce environmental impact.

3. Personalisation in Packaging

Tailored Experiences: Personalisation continues to be a significant trend, with brands using data to offer customised packaging experiences. Example: A health supplement brand offering personalised vitamin packs based on individual health profiles.

4. Authenticity in Packaging

Transparent Branding: Consumers value authenticity and transparency from brands. Example: A beauty brand highlighting its ingredient sourcing and ethical practices directly on the packaging.

5. Visual Storytelling in Packaging

Compelling Narratives: Using visual content to tell a brand’s story is becoming increasingly important. Example: A beverage brand using vibrant, user-generated content on its packaging to showcase the product being enjoyed in various settings.


Adopting these trends can enhance your brand’s relevance and appeal. Staying current with trends such as digital integration, sustainability, personalisation, authenticity, and visual storytelling can help your brand connect more deeply with your audience in the cosmetics, personal care, health, beauty, food, and beverage industries.

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